Our latest Application Note – Process optimization and pre-clinical production of nanomedicines using the Automated Nanoparticle (ANP) System, demonstrates that the ANP System is ideally suited to optimize the formation process for lead candidate formulations, whilst enabling a seamless transition into continuous manufacturing ahead of clinical trials.

The data presented shows the principles of optimizing a selected formulation to target required key performance indicators such as size, PDI and encapsulation efficiency.

If you are looking to revolutionize your nanoparticle production, download the App Note and find all the benefits the ANP System can bring to your lab.

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Process optimization and pre-clinical production of nanomedicines using the Automated Nanoparticle System

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LNPs and their current production status

Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are powerful carriers for the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) as well as biotherapeutics for gene therapies and vaccines.

Scientists working to develop or optimize processes for producing LNP-based vaccines, medicines and therapies consistently report that they would like to:

  • Shorten the time taken to screen and produce nanoparticles
  • Automate the process of microfluidic nanoparticle screening and manufacture
  • Produce precise and consistent particle sizes
  • Reduce usage of expensive reagents
  • Achieve optimal encapsulation efficiencies


Why Particle Works

Particle Works’ Automated Nanoparticle (ANP) System has been designed for nanoparticle process development and pre-clinical production. It revolutionizes nanoparticle synthesis by providing reliable, reproducible and higher throughput production.

The platform is easy to use, automated, and highly modular, incorporating our precision engineered microfluidic technology and utilizing our in-house designed and fabricated, reusable microfluidic chips for controlled convergence of fluids within the pathway. It can automate dozens of experiments for screening and optimization, utilizing a fixed pair of reagents in sample loops up to 10 ml. It can also operate in continuous production mode, facilitating production of tens of liters per day.